La Min-sú de Terrasson

retreat, reflect, refresh

Terrasson's amenities

'Terrasson-Lavilledieu is the 'chef lieu du canton', and as such provides services to the surrounding communities. For this reason the small town of Terrasson has a disproportionate number of banks, supermarkets, (general) medical practitioners, pharmacies, hairdressers, restaurants and government services in relation to its size.

Its historic location as the 'gate' or quite literally 'harbour' of the Vézère river and its historic crossing make it the start of this UNESCO world heritage. Though tourism is not the mainstay of the local economy a wide choice and variety of food and drink is available for every budget.


  • La Mandragore(19)
    Located in the old town, outside tables offer a panoramic view already worth a visit. You may see the chef coming out from his kitchen to fetch fresh herbs, which will be on your delicious and beautifully decorated plate in a moment! And the‘Fou du Chef’ is a surprise!:D

  • Au P'tit Bonheur de la place Bouquir(23)
    Located in the Bouquir square, having a good view on the square. Food is good & pretty and friendly service. Will give you free home-made soup!

  • O'Porto Restaurant Cafe(18)
    1 minute walk across the road from us. Newly renovated, from outside you can’t imagine it is a big restaurant. Portugese style, surpringly delicious in a reasonable price. Be wanted for the huge portion! ;)

  • Other restaurants to choose from:
    Au Jardin D'O (2), Le Relais Des Gourmets (3) , Les Agapes (24), Les Patacas(16), Le Rapoutet (1), Le Vieux Moulin (15)

Bars, lunchrooms, cafeteria

  • Banana's kafe(13)
    A bar cum lunchroom. At the corner of the 'new' bridge this place provides light lunches overlooking the river.

  • Un Pain Deux Douceurs(11)
    On the 'new town side' of the 'new' bridge this little bakery also serves coffee, tea or juices to go with a croissant, chocolatine or pain-aux-raisin. Light lunch, afternoon tea or a dry place to sip a hot chocolate on a rainy day!

  • Courte d'Atan (bakery with tearoom)(17)
    Rustic artisanal bread baked in wood oven, which gives a distinct flavour & texture. No nonsense & delicious bakes. Very popular among locals and considered to be the best! ;P

  • Au Coin du Pont Neuf (kebap)(12)
    Authentic Turkish! Very reasonable price for a delicious and fulfilling meal!

  • La Bibliothéque(12)
    Newly renovated tea room. It serves breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, homemade pastry in good price and an artistic environment.

  • Other bars, lunchrooms, cafeteria to choose from:
    Bar Le Rempart (14), Le Bistrot d'a Côte (21), Bar Le Drop (9), Bar L'Hacienda (8), Time Kebap (5), Cafe de Bordeaux (4), Bar Le Central (7), L'Eurasie (6), Basserie cafe resto “Chez Joan” (10), Bar cafe de Liberté (25)

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