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Dance camps

Exclusive Dance Camp 2024 in La Min-su De Terrasson
Dance workshops (30 hours) + 2 Day trips + Accommodation + Meals + pick-up & drop-off = 10 Days Dance Camp!

Since 2016 we organised exclusive dance camps annually. Through mindfully designed programmes in our in-house studio and work in specific sites we pleasantly explore interrelationship of nature, movement and oneself.

We will try to organise dance camps every year for those who are curious to explore and express through their own bodies. We could also organise special dance / retreat camps on request, gather 5 to 6 people, the minsu and its services are all yours!

Exclusive Dance Camps
Free the body and the mind will follow!

Sze studied and pondered dance from a young age. She learned ballet & Chinese dance, searching for the meaning of art she set foot on the path of creation…

She found contemporary dance is the closest to her heart in teenage. Since then the rugged but worthy path has led her ahead… Her body was trained in Hong Kong, her mind was stimulated & view broadened in The Netherlands. Her worldview was challenged in Africa and The Philippines, her humanity was nurtured by her students and society.

Her whole life is about practing & sharing the spirit of contemporary dance through choreography, teaching, performing and experimenting! Discover art in daily life, experiment, reflect & question through choreography. To uncover beauty & possibility in every unique individual and inspire them.

However, Joost & Sze discovered the existence of city people is being compressed. Time & Space are supposed to be very basic, but have gradually became a ‘luxury’. Even art enthusiasts would come & go in hurry while participating activities they supposed to spend time to explore & enjoy. How many of us are mislead by the thought that we gain much more by cheaply using time & space? Whiles in-fact, we lost ourselves without knowing it…

We had tried our best to share insights in HK and other places, but the torrent of the world was too strong for two introverts. Gratefully, we retreated to this piece of unpolluted land and established a new platform from scratch with our own hands. In this platform, we let those who’d need a rest, like to get to know & liberate themselves through dance in a friendly pace... far away from norms and soar freely!

Exclusive Dance Camps 2024

Green pasture is the stage, big blue sky is the backdrop. Exquisite A-frame dance studio is the breeding ground. Would you fancy to fully embrace this luxury with your body & mind, heart & soul in our heartfelt home, in the land of pure beauty, and soar freely... guided by an artist who investigates inter-connection between senses and intellect for years?

Spring Dance Camp
Date: 31 May - 9 June, 2024

Autumn Dance Camp
Date: 20 - 29 September, 2024

Location: Terrasson-Lavilledieu, South West of France
Pick-up/drop-off points:
Brive airport, train station or coach stop / Terrasson train station

Price per person: 1,750€, Enrollment in pair per person: 1,650€, Early-Bird Discount (Confirm enrollment within 2023): 1,600€
The fee is all inclusive: lodging, transport, taxes, fees, charges…

To enjoy “Special Discount”! Space Is Limited, Take Action Now!

It’s possible to stay an extra day(s) before or after the camp, charge per person per night: 65€.

If you would like to get more information & the time-table. Please e-mail to:

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