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Arriving by plane

Arriving by plane at Brive Airport

Brive has a new airport, the old airport in town has closed, Brive Dordogne Valley Airport (code BVE), about 5 km outside Brive on the Brive – Toulouse A20 highway in Nespouls.

The airport is not served by public transport, but taxis are available in front of the airport for each arrival. A pick-up on arrival can be arranged.

  • Flights to and from Paris (Orly Airport) and Lyon are operated by HOP! (
  • Flights to and from London (Stansted) operated by Ryanair on Wednesday and Saturday, arriving on Wednesday from London will be perfect to join our package.

Please check flight schedules at:

How to get here from Paris by plane

Most guests will arrive in France at CDG and need to transfer to Paris Orly International Airport (Orly Airport) for their inland flights to Brive.

There are several ways to get from CDG to Orly Airport. One is by train (which will also work if you stay a few days in Paris before heading south), which runs every 15 minutes from 5h00 to 23h45 from terminal 2. You find the train by following the 'Paris by train' signs with the 'RER' 'B' logos. The ticket you buy for the RER B train from CDG to Paris covers your transfer to Metro lines. Keep your ticket to use in the turnstiles as needed to make transfers. To transfer to Orly Airport, stay on the train till Antony station and change there to the Orly Airport line.

Alternatively, take an 'Air France Bus' to Orly . You can buy a ticket at the machine or from the driver. The journey takes a minimum of 45 mins (be aware traffic can be an issue especially during the rush hours) + 0.5 hour waiting on the platform. To avoid missing your connecting flight, we advise you to spare at least 3.5 – 4 hours in between two flights.

Travel through Bordeaux Airport

Spend few days in Bordeaux and its wine areas before or after your stay at our min-sú, and continue your journey to a large number of destinations in France or Europe including:

Marseille (France) London (UK)
Nice (France) Madrid (Spain)
Strasbourg (France) Malaga (Spain)
Amsterdam (Netherlands) Milan (Italy)
Barcelona (Spain) Porto (Portugal)
Basel (Switzerland) Prague (Czech Republic)
Berlin (Germany) Rome (Italy)
Brussels (Belgium) Tenerife (Spain)
Lisbon (Portugal) Venice (Italy)

'We have dropped guest at the Terrasson railway station after breakfast who arrived in Malaga (Spain) by tea-time flying through Bordeaux'.

How to get from Bordeaux to Terrasson.

Bordeaux airport is served by airport buses connecting with the city centre and the St.Jean train station. There is a direct train to Terrasson (Line 25 via Perigueux destination Brive), cheaper alternative is the iSi-lines bus to Brive which you need to book on-line in advance (see traveling by bus section below). You find the stop by turning left (south) getting out of the station building, walk towards the bridge (Pont du Guit), and use it to cross the railway lines. The 'TBC' stop ('Terres des Bordes' at 'Rue des Terre de Bordes') is in the little greenery at the foot of the bridge ones you crossed.

Please check flight schedules at:

How to get from Bergerac to Terrasson.

Alternatively fly through Bergerac from a large number of destinations in the UK or Amsterdam. Bergerac airport is not served by public transport, but taxis are available at arrival. Bergerac is connected by train to Sarlat, a pick-up/drop-off at Sarlat could be arranged, but might involve waiting for a opportune time.

Please check flight schedules at:

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